One way to eat sprouts in a meal

One day I had a chance to offer different kinds of our sprouts packets to family friends as a compliment for them  to try in their diet. When I returned to them two weeks later for something else, I was pleasantly surprised by how elated they were about the sprouts I had offered them which they told me about how they used those sprouts in their diet. Of the myriad ways they told me of how they used the sprouts in dishes, one that really struck me well was that they just used sprouts as a side dish for a rasam or sambar meal, instead of papads that are usually combined with these foods in South India. I came back home and tried what they said, and it was a win over. Channa (chickpea) sprouts, pea sprouts, cowpea sprouts, make excellent side dish for your meals in the raw form. When pressed for time, when there’s only one dish, take a pack of raw sprouts, and plunge a handful of them or more in with your regular meals as great ‘side accompaniments’ for your dal, rasam and sambars! (these dishes are pre-cooked lentils with spices and vegetables and are common in India). This is one simple way to include sprouts in your meal which can bring a sudden change in the way you relish your plain meals, yet make your meal unassumingly healthy 🙂 Try it!

Have a happy sprouted meal! 🙂 


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